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Payable Forms - Order Not Calculating Correctly

If your invoices are not adding up the payable options in your form correctly then keep reading & we'll get you sorted out!

The first thing you will want to do is ensure your money amounts are format correctly:

Match the Format Shown in the Sidebar

Things to check:
Click the "Add Sample Payments Section" in the Payable sidebar, this will insert a variety of example questions that demonstrate how to properly format money questions
Look at how the Money amounts are formatted. Sometimes depending on your Country and Currency Combination, it may be expecting a country code on dollar usage (ex: US$8.99).
Copy the format that you used in the samples, and then delete the sample section.
You may need to update your locale settings in your User account if the suggested format does not match your expectation.

Do not put money symbols or dollar amounts in question titles (click here for our article on using question descriptions to describe money amounts in your form without including them in the invoice total). Prices must only go in response fields for your customer to choose from.
Make sure you have money amounts format correctly "{Item Label} - {money amount}" in the answers people choose.

NB: If your form is in a language/currency setting where the currency symbol is placed to the right of numbers, you will need to avoid using any other numbers in your
money answer fields
ex: Do not write: "1 assorted vegetable basket 45€"
Write: "one assorted vegetable basket 45€"

Updated on: 22/05/2024

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