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Changing the Email that Sends Auto-Responses to Submitters

It is important to from the start to install the Payable add-on and setup your Google Form under the Google account you wish to send the auto-email from. Sadly, there is no fast way to switch the account being used to send emails, as we are acting on behalf of the installer and sending emails as the original installer.

The fastest way to solve this is to first share the current version of the Form with your other Google account with the account you wish to use.

Open a new Incognito window and ensure you are only logged in to the new account that you want to send emails from.

Duplicate the old Form to create a brand-new Form.

Duplicate Form

Install the Payable Forms Add-On as this new user.

Refresh the New Form Page in Edit Mode. Go to the Payable Forms Add-On -> Make this form Payable

Reconnect your payment provider and run the "Auto-Configure Form and Sheet" and then toggle your form on as Payable.

Updated on: 10/12/2021

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