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Payable Forms - No Recent Order Found

After you or your user clicks on the Payable Forms checkout link, if after waiting 50 seconds, Payable does not receive any new order data from Google, we will display a Sorry - No Recent Order Found message to the user, like in the image below.

No Recent Order Found Message Shown at Checkout

When this happens, it is because Googles System is not updating our system after the Google Form submission.

This can happen typically for one of four reasons:
Google is having some intermittent issues or a delay in firing the onFormSubmit Trigger. If we receive the trigger anytime after 50 seconds, an email will automatically be sent to the form submitter with a link, and no further action is required. Check your connected Google Sheet to see if Order IDs are populating in the Order ID column. If they are there, you are good to go. 👍- If not, read on.
The Google Form was Not Toggled on as "Make this Form Payable" during setup or experienced an error at initial setup.
You duplicated another / previous Payable Google Form, and you have the wrong form link on your confirmation message. Make sure you "Sync Theme" in the Getting Started steps to ensure each form has the correct confirmation message link.
The Google Form onFormSubmit Trigger has become corrupt or stopped working and must be regenerated.

When you check your connected Google Sheet, you will likely not see any Payable Order IDs generated for the impacted submissions. No need to panic, all of your customers selections are still recorded, and you will be able to regenerate the Payable IDs for the previous orders. Please follow these steps. first to regenerate any missing Payable IDs. When re-generated, this will email your form submitters a link to checkout automatically.

Next, we find it is typically helpful to regenerate your Google Forms Triggers by following these steps:

Step 1 - Open an Incognito or Private internet browser window

The benefit of an incognito browser window is that it blocks your browser cookies, active account logins, saved passwords, etc; for your form's purposes an incognito window is a quick way to ignore any other active Google accounts in your browser that may interfere with your form setup.

Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS Users: Press Ctrl + Shift + n.
Mac Users: Press ⌘ + Shift + n.

Step 2 - Go back to your Google Form in Edit Mode

Go to and log in as the installer of the add-on, and open your Google Form in edit mode. (Make sure you're only logged in as the person who created the Google Form, as having multiple logins open can cause errors.)

Step 3 - Re-Open the Payable Forms Side-Bar

Look for the puzzle piece in the top header tool bar to re-open your add-ons.

Select the Puzzle Piece then Payable Forms

Select Configure Payment Options

Step 4 - Switch the main Payable Toggle from Yes to No and back to Yes

The Payable Forms Sidebar will open. In the sidebar, move the main Payable Switch from "Yes" to "No" and back to "Yes". This action will regenerate the Google Forms onFormSubmit Triggers.

Step 5 - Place a Test Order on Your Form

Ok, now it's time to check if that solved it. Click the Send Button, and then generate a Share link. Go to the form using this link as if you were a submitter. Fill out your form with a test order, and submit the form. After submitting the form and clicking the checkout link, hopefully this time you migrate directly to the checkout page and the issue has been resolved.

If you are still experiencing issues, feel free to chat with us.

Updated on: 22/02/2023

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