Removing Payable Forms Add-On
If you have decided Payable Forms is not for you or your use case... No problem. : )

These are the steps to follow to put your form back to normal.

Disable the Google Form as Payable

Go to your Google Form in Edit Mode and:
Reopen the Payable Forms Add-On by clicking the Puzzle Piece in the top tool bar and Select Payable Forms
In the menu of options select "Configure Payment Settings"
In the Payable Forms Side-Bar switch the main "Make this form Payable" toggle to "No"

This will remove all of the Google triggers and stop sending any automated emails on form submission or the generation of Payable IDs.

Set Payable to No

Change your Google Forms Confirmation Message

You will also want to remove the Payable Forms language and link to the checkout page from your Google Forms Confirmation Message.

Confirmation Message Update

Uninstall the Add-On from your User Account

If you plan to never use Payable Forms again on any form, you can additionally uninstall the Payable Forms Add-On from your account by going back to the Marketplace Listing and then selecting the Uninstall Option.
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