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Missing Payable ID - No Recent Order Found - Manual Workaround

Known Problem Overview

Our Payable Forms add-on relies on Google's "Triggers" to let us know when your Form receives a new submission.

From time-to-time, Google can have outages and issues with their triggers that are outside of our control. When this happens, we are not aware of your new Form submissions.

On April 7th a bug impacting 100s of developers also impacted our triggers:

On Jan 17th to 19th 2024 a bug impacting 100s of developers and our ability to get Form Response Data:

Hopefully, these types of issues will be resolved quickly by Google.

If you had a previously functional form, and your users started intermittently receiving:
Sorry - No Recent Order Found

When you look in your connected Google Sheet, if you do not have a Payable ID with a recent Form submission, that submission was likely impacted by a Trigger outage.

Current Workaround

We have quickly created a way for you to trigger manual generation for any missing Payable IDs. This will calculate the total as usual and send the submitter an email with the payment link.

If some users have re-submitted or paid, you can delete those rows prior to running the script. All submissions with no content in the Payable ID field will be generated and emailed.

To generate the IDs manually, go back into your Google Form in Edit Mode. Refresh the Page. Wait 3-4 seconds. Click the Puzzle Piece and then "Payable Forms"

Select the new "Generate Missing Payable IDs" option.

Go back to your connected Google Sheet, and you should now see the Payable IDs and the emails should have gone out to the submitters.

Video Overview

Updated on: 19/01/2024

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