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"Collect email addresses" - Required Google Form Setup

Payable Forms Requires "Collect Email Address" to be ON in your Form Settings

When this option is set to ON, Google will automatically make the first question on your form a special email input. This email address gets associated with the Google Form submission and is use it to match up your customers checkout experience and send notifications.

When you run "Auto-Configure Form and Sheet" during setup, we automatically enable the "Collect Email Addresses" option as part of the Google Form Settings.

This special Email Input is required for Payable Forms to work correctly. Do not switch it off. Do not try to add your own email question / input to the body of your form. We will not get the value from that input and will be unable to connect your customers with their orders if you do that.

Step 1 - Ensure Collect Email Addresses is toggled ON in the Google Form Settings

Collect Email Addresses Needs to be ON

"Collecting Emails Addresses" toggle alone does not force your Form to require a Google account in order to have it submitted. Many users tell us they have turned it off because it required a sign-in. That is not true. Just do not turn anything on in the "Requires Sign In" section.

Step 2 - Clean up and remove duplicate email inputs (if you added your own)

Now that the Google Form is collecting email addresses, you do not need to have your own input. If you had previously added your own email question to the body of the Form, you should delete that question now, since you will already be asking and getting an email address.

Remove Duplicate Email Inputs

Updated on: 22/03/2022

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