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Payable Forms - User Mixups and Starting Over

Starting Over

We get lots of messages from customers who used the wrong Google Account to initially setup a form, and then want to change which user is the owner / actor when it comes the Payable Forms Add-On.

The Active User Account that clicks "Make this Form payable" becomes locked to a Google Form.

This can create errors and confusion, and we often recommend that if your Google Form is not yet live, you simply redo the setup steps on a brand new form with the correct User from the start.

Step 1 - Copying an Existing Google Form

Copying an existing Google Form is very easy: Simply go to your Google Form and make a copy of it.

Update the Title of the old Form after you made a copy so you do not mix them up in the future.

How to copy a Google Form.

Step 2 - Share the Google Form with the New User

Add the new Google User as a Collaborator of the Google with the User you need to to be the Add-On installer.

Step 3 - Login only as the new User with your browser.

In Google Chrome use:

File Menu -> New Incognito Window
In this new window go to and login only with the new User you wish to use.
Go the Add-On listing page here. Make sure the add-on is installed for this new User. The button will show "Uninstall" if the add-on is already installed.
Now simply go back to the new Google Form, and go through the 3 setup steps again as if the form was new. (Puzzle piece -> Payable Forms -> Make this form payable.)

Updated on: 20/10/2022

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