Inside Google Forms there is an option for most question types to add a description.

It is relatively hidden so this article shows you had to find the option and add it to your questions.

Descriptions work great to keep long text out of your titles and let you explain what type of answer you might be looking for. Long question titles can clutter up your Google Sheet. So take longer parts of your title and add that content to the description as a good practice.

Description Step 1

Description Step 2 & 3

Payable forms does not look for money amounts in the descriptions fields, where as in the question title and the question body we do.

If you find Payable Forms is calculating a money amount that does not match what you were expecting, it could be because you have added money amounts or additional numbers in the same Title or question Option. To avoid situations where you do not want Payable to Add amounts to the order, using the description works great because you Payable Forms will ignore any money amounts in the description (Like in the sample above).
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