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Payable Forms FAQs

Common Solutions with Payable Forms

In this article, we will review some common problems and solutions when getting set up with Payable Forms.

1 - "Something Went Wrong" or "Authorization Required" Permission Errors during Messages During Setup

Google Add-Ons are sadly not compatible when multiple Google Accounts are logged in to the same browser. We made this video, which talks about some troubleshooting generic setup errors..

Do you use more than one Google account frequently? Sometimes simply logging out of a second Google account will not be enough, and the user sessions can still get mixed up. Try these steps, even if you think you're only logged into one account.

To solve please do the following:

1. Open a new "Incognito" Chrome browser window. This is how.
2. Go to and login only with the account you wish to leverage as the email sender and owner of the Form and Sheet.
3. Re-open the Payable Forms Add-On if it's available. If it's not, re-install it for this user.
4. Retry the setup steps and hopefully, the Error message will disappear.

If that does not work, Check Permissions: Ensure is that if you are setting up Payable Form with a previously existing Google Form and it has a connected Google Sheet. That the user you are acting as has permission to edit the connected Google Sheet linked to the form as a response destination. How to see the connected Google Sheet.

2 - Order Not Found

If your user clicks the checkout link but receives an "Order Not Found" message, this is likely because Google's On Form Submit Trigger was not setup or configured correctly.

Payable Form Toggle

Toggling the Google Form "Make this Form Payable" switch from to Off and then back On will re-generate the triggers. Then place a Test order on your form to see if you transition to the checkout page as expected.

**Things to check:**
Ensure that "Make This Form Payable" is switched to Yes
Try toggling "Make this Form Payable" off and then on again to recreate the triggers.
Take a look at our detailed Order Not Found steps here.
If your Google Sheet is missing Payable Order IDs, you can automatically regenerate them by following these steps..

3 - Free Order

If you are receiving "Free" order when making a submission that should generate an amount owing, click here for our detailed article

4 - Customers Not Receiving Emails

You must ensure your Form is setup to collect an email address as part of the Form settings and not as a question you created. When you use "Auto Configure Form and Sheet" in the Getting Started session, we do this automatically for you.

Do not add your own email question into the Form itself. Payable needs you to use the built-in email address collection, which appears automatically at the very start of the Form. If you have an existing email question, you should delete it.

Collect Email Google Forms

**Things to check:**
Click on your Form settings, and check to ensure "Collect Email Addresses" is checked on
Do not change the columns in your Google Sheet. Timestamp must be Column A. Email Address must be Column B.
Copy the format that you used in the samples, and then delete the sample section.
When your Form is in Test Mode, all user notification emails are sent to you as the Form owner

5 - Payable Menu Only Shows Help

When you click on the Add-On "Select Payable Forms," if the menu only shows Help as an option, this is usually an easy fix.

Only Help

Please Refresh the page.
WAIT 10-20 seconds after the page has completely loaded.
Then, click the add-on "Payable Forms" menu again.
All menu options should appear.

6 - Unable to Receive Payments

Sometimes if your PayPal or Stripe account has not been completely set up, your users might receive an error message when they try to pay you. If your Form is displaying this error at checkout, please log in to your respective payment provider account to check if there are any notices requiring further validation for your account setup.


This happens when you have not confirmed your primary email account used with PayPal. Go to and login and go to your Account Settings and ensure you have confirmed your email address.


This can happen when your PayPal account has a limitation, or you are attempting to move money in a currency that is not supported in your account region. This page outlines the supported PayPal currencies and any limitations based on them.

9 - Unable to turn off Test Mode

If you're unable to turn off test mode, or you have but your orders are still generating new invoices in test mode, please see this help page.

Updated on: 13/12/2023

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