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Force Re-Syncing Your Payable Checkout Statuses

If you seem to be missing payment statuses or you mistakenly deleted payment statuses, you may find that checking for order updates isn't fixing issues on older sales. Instead, you will need to use the Force Re-Sync option in the dropdown menu for the Payable Add-On.

Simply go to the Extension menu, and under Payable Add-On, select "**Force Re-Sync All Payment Updates**." This will bring back all of your original sales data.

NOTE: You should only do this if you haven't made any changes in any of the Payable columns related to payment, as they will all reset when you force the re-sync. For example, if you use the Status column to note when you've shipped a product to a customer and you Force Re-Sync, you will lose all of the data that you've input manually in the Status column. (For that reason, we recommend creating a new column to make any manual notes if needed.)

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Updated on: 30/05/2023

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