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Payable Sheets - Invoicing with Multiple Line Items

Do you need to invoice clients for multiple items or services on one Payable Sheets invoice? No problem! Read on to find out how -

With Payable Sheets you can add up to 5 line items on one invoice

Here you can see there are 5 line items with various individual prices under one order. The recipient's email and invoice ID need only to be logged on the first row.

When you have entered the Item Label and Item Amount for your additional line items, click the Payable Order ID cell, and manually adjust the formula input to include the last row of your D column for the invoice. In this example, the invoice is including Item Label cell C5 to Item Amount cell D9. Once you have updated the formula for this invoice, you will see the Payable Total cell update to include the multiple price amounts.

The finished product

Updated on: 20/10/2022

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