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Payable Forms - Advanced Email Capabilities

We've listened to user requests and rolled out an exciting new feature: advanced email capabilities! You can now choose between Classic and Advanced email settings in your Payable sidebar under Notification Settings.

So what does this mean?

Classic Email Setting

With this original setting, Payable notification emails sent to your Form responders are sent from the email of the installer account (the Google account that you used to set up the Payable add-on with your Form). Order summary notification emails sent to your users are basic text with simple formatting as shown below:

Classic Payable email template

Why wouldn't you want this? For example, if you have set up a Form in your personal Google account on behalf of your PTA committee, you may not want your personal email address as the sender of customer's order summaries. Also, with the original email setting, only the installer account will automatically be notified when your Form receives a new Payable order.

So what's the new option?

Advanced Email Setting

The first point to note is when you enable this setting, emails will be sent to your users from a Payable email created from the name of your Form.

Your Form's title will be turned into the sender email

If the title of your form is very long, we will shorten it to 50 characters for the email.
If you don't like the custom email address, just play around with the title of your Form. When you change your Form's title, be sure to do a Sync Theme to push those updates through to Payable!

You can also now set the 'Reply To' email, so that if/when your users reply to their Payable order email with a question or concern, you can choose the email address their message will be sent to. This means it's possible to create the Form with one Google account, but correspond with your users via a different email account.

Set your Reply To and Order Notification emails

If you wish to be notified via email of every Payable order placed through your Form, you can now choose which email receives these notifications; and share them with multiple email accounts automatically. Previously, if you wanted to share order notifications with others, you would need to set up a forwarding rule in your inbox. Now it's possible to notify multiple people at once automatically through the Payable add-on! Just enter the email(s) in the Order Notification Email(s) field. Be sure to separate multiple email addresses with a comma.

Last but not least, the Advanced Email setting offers an updated email template that includes line items, header imagery and theme colours you've set for your Form, and a QR code.

Advanced Email order summary

Remember - when you change your Form's title, theme, or header image, be sure to Sync Theme to push those formatting updates to your Checkout page and Advanced Email template. Click the Add Ons puzzle piece > Payable Forms > Sync Theme to do this.

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Updated on: 31/10/2023

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