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Upgrading to PayPal Commerce Platform - Advanced Cards

Upgrading to PayPal Commerce Platform - Advanced Cards

This article is designed to explain the differences between choosing PayPal Standard and PayPal Commerce Platform when you connect a payment provider.

Visual Difference in PayPal Card Checkout Options

The PayPal Standard "In-Line Guest" Card Checkout is only designed for casual micro-sellers, has many limitations, and is not designed as dedicated card checkout. If you are hoping to to process over $1000 USD in payments, we recommend upgrading your PayPal Account to support the PayPal Commerce Platform Advanced Card Checkout.

What are the benefits to upgrading to PayPal Commerce Platform?

When your PayPal account is "Commerce Platform" enabled, you will be given the following benefits over standard account:
You will have a more powerful, easier to use, and more customizable card input options on your checkout with higher approval rates.
You will be able to place additional charges on customer cards you accepted directly in the past by logging into your PayPal Account and clicking "Create a Transaction" from the previous transaction.
You will be able to take cards over the phone and key-them into the PayPal's Virtual Terminal when you login to your PayPal Account.
Depending on your region, you will likely save $ on your direct Visa and Mastercard card processing. In the US, PayPal charges 2.59% + $0.49 for directly-entered cards, compared to those using PayPal Standard Inline Guest for Cards, who pay 3.49% + $0.49 (Always check PayPal for the latest merchant fees.)
No additional cost or monthly fee.

What is required to get PayPal Commerce Platform enabled on your PayPal Account?

Most existing PayPal Accounts can be upgraded to be PayPal Commerce platform-enabled in only a couple of minutes. If you don't have one, you can create one for the first time right inside the flow.
When you go through the flow, be sure to use the same email as your current PayPal account, and you will be asked a couple extra verification questions. If it was not previously a business account, you will be upgraded to a business account.
You will need to be based in AU, CA, US, UK or Spain.

How To - Follow These Steps

Step 1
Open a new, blank Google Form and make it Payable (click the Add Ons puzzle piece > Payable Forms > Make This Form Payable)

Step 2
In the Payable sidebar click the Connect a Payment Provider setup step

Step 3
Click on the purple PayPal Commerce button in the pop-up payment provider window to start the flow

After you complete the above flow, all of the existing Payable checkouts that use that same PayPal account will automatically upgrade from "Inline Card" to "Advanced Card" like magic. Each time a checkout page loads, there is an eligibility check, and if the PayPal account is eligible, the new checkout will start to show.

For best results with Advanced Card Checkout:

It is important that you build some trust and credibility in your receiving PayPal account. Existing upgraded accounts seem to not have any problems, but from time to time, we have seen brand new PayPal Accounts become blocked from accepting Advanced Cards due to risk rules on PayPal's side.

If you have created a brand new PayPal Account for your PayPal Commerce Advanced Cards, we recommend doing the following before sending the Form too broadly to avoid any risk limitations on your new account:
Make sure you verify your email address
Make sure you upload any identity documents requested.
Connect a Bank Account to the receiving PayPal account that you will use to withdraw the funds.
Add a credit card to the receiving PayPal account.
Send your new checkout to a friend or family member to give it a try to ensure funds can flow.

Updated on: 16/02/2024

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