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Countries and Currencies supported by PayPal

PayPal Capabilities by Country

PayPal is available in more than 200 countries/regions and supports 26 currencies.

List of Supported Countries

Payments in Payable Apps work in all the countries and transactional currencies that are supported by PayPal.

You can find the full list here.

If your country is on the list, you should be able to make purchases from a user who has set up Payable Apps or accept payments from a person in that country while using Payable.

Be Aware: Not all the listed countries above support receiving money, i.e., selling goods.

To find out whether selling is supported in your country:

Open this page.
Select your country from the list.
Scroll down to click a "Fees" link at the bottom of the page.
Check the options that are available in your country and the associated fees.
If you are unsure whether your country is supported, please contact our support team.

List of Supported Currencies

Payments in Payable Apps can be made in 26 different currencies.

The supported currencies are listed here:

Australian dollar AUD
Brazilian real BRL (Only supported for Accounts within Country)
Canadian dollar CAD
Chinese Renmenbi CNY
Czech koruna CZK
Danish krone DKK
Euro EUR
Hong Kong dollar HKD
Hungarian forint HUF (Does not support decimals)
Indian rupee INR (Only supported for Accounts within Country)
Israeli new shekel ILS
Japanese yen 1 JPY (Does not support decimals)
Malaysian ringgit MYR (Only supported for Accounts within Country)
Mexican peso MXN
New Taiwan dollar TWD (Does not support decimals)
New Zealand dollar NZD
Norwegian krone NOK
Philippine peso PHP
Polish złoty PLN
Pound sterling GBP
Russian ruble RUB (In-Border payments only)
Singapore dollar SGD
Swedish krona SEK
Swiss franc CHF
Thai baht THB
United States dollar USD

You can find more details (and potential limitations) on this page from the PayPal technical documentation.

Updated on: 10/12/2021

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