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Setting up Razorpay

Getting Setup with Razorpay

For users located in India, Razorpay is one of the best options for payment processing in the region.

This guide is designed to show you how to get started with RazorPay.

Step 1 - Get a Razorpay Account

It can take some time to get setup with Razorpay and provide all the documentation.

If you do not already have an account, click here to go to Razorpay and start the registration process.

Once you have a live approved account, proceed to step 2.

It can take some time to get setup with Razorpay and provide all the documentation.

When connecting your account to Payable we will ask you to copy and paste 6 items from your Razopay Account. Be prepared and collect the following 6 items and save them in a safe place:

Razorpay Merchant Id
Razorpay Email
Razopay Test API Key Id
Razopay Test API Key Secret
Razopay Live API Key Id
Razopay Live API Key Secret

This is where to locate each of these items.

Merchant Id and Email

Go to API Key Section for Environment

Be Careful if you have existing keys and "Regenerate the Keys," as any of your other pre-existing integrations will need to be updated.

Copy and Paste the API Keys into a safe place.

Once you have all the items, select "Razorpay" in the Payable Payment Processor connections and enter your credentials.

Testing with Razorpay

When your Payable form is in Test Mode, it will use the Razorpay Test Credentials. When you switch Test Mode to Off, we will use the Razorpay Live credentials.

See this form which is in Test Mode for an example.

Step 3 - Make sure you register update your Website Details for Payable Apps shared checkout URL

Razorpay will not allow live payment methods to go through (mostly card) if the checkout page domain name "" is not registered in your Razorpay profile as a website url. Razorpay outlines the steps here.

To update website or mobile app details:
Log in to the Razorpay Dashboard.
Navigate to My Account → Profile.
Click the edit icon next to the Business Website/App details field.
In the pop-up page that is displayed, click Proceed to update website/app.
Provide the website or app details:

For the Website / App URL you are going to want to use a link to a single Payable Order (eg.{Your Order ID Here}) with functional sample of one of your orders so the Razorpay staff can see your line items ect, and approve it.

To get a URL for a hosted Payable Checkout Page:
1) Submit your own Form
2) Transition to the checkout page, or click on the Order ID link, in your connected Google Sheet
3) Leave the order in an Unpaid Status so Razorpay can see the setup.
2) Copy the URL from your browser while on checkout page which will be in the format.{Your Order ID Here}
3) Use that URL as Website for Razorpay.

Updated on: 06/07/2022

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