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How to Collect Customer Shipping Address with Payable Forms

With Payable Forms you can automatically collect shipping addresses at checkout if you enable the Collect Shipping Address setting, located in the Checkout Settings section of the sidebar. With this setting enabled, the customer's shipping address will be collected when they are entering their billing information. The customer's address will be stored in the transaction data for the order in your payment account - that is, you'll find it in your PayPal, Square, or Stripe account, not in your Google spreadsheet.

Collect Shipping Address toggle

If you are using PayPal's Advanced Card Checkout (details) and enable the Collect Shipping Address setting, your checkout will default to PayPal's standard checkout.

If you would prefer to have the customer's shipping address logged in your spreadsheet instead, you'll just need to create questions on your Google Form to collect that information from the customer.

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Updated on: 28/03/2024

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