Payable Sheets - Customize Your Invoices

How to Customize Your Payable Sheets Invoices

There are a few ways you can customize your Payable invoices with Google Sheets to reflect pertinent information, or your branding. Please read on to learn the ways you can personalize your invoices -

Invoice Title
We use the title of your spreadsheet for the invoice title - you can title your spreadsheet anything you like, but it's best not to make the title too long. For information about your invoice, organization, or business you may want to include that in the Custom Text on Checkout field rather than in this title field.

Invoice Avatar
The round image displayed on your invoice is pulled from your Google account profile photo. If you wish to customize this, simply follow these steps
Click the circular avatar image in the upper right corner of your Sheets window
Click the blue camera icon in the corner of the avatar
Click Change to update your avatar from a selection of Google images, or upload your own

Adding Pertinent Information to Your Invoice
There are two text fields you can customize on your invoice - the Custom Text on Checkout field, and the Post Payment Message. The Custom Text on Checkout Field is a text input that will display on your invoice, here you may wish to include information like an address, website or social media handles, a tax ID, etc. The Post Payment Message displays on-screen once a user has successfully submit payment; in this field you may wish to put information you only want to share with users once they have paid, such as a thank-you message, pickup information, or any instructions you want users to follow.

To edit these two input fields follow these steps
In the Google menu click Extensions
In the Extensions menu click Payable Sheets > Setup > Configure Payment Settings
In the Payable pop-up window go under the Checkout Settings menu
Now you can customize the Custom Text on Checkout and Post Payment Message fields

Customize the Invoice Colour Palette
Google has a variety of pre-made colour palettes to choose from, or you can make your own palette to reflect your taste and/or organization's branding. These colour settings make small changes on your spreadsheet, but reflect mostly on the invoice page.

In the Google menu click Format
In the Format menu click Themes
The Themes menu will open on the right, from here you can browse pre-made palettes, or click Customize to choose your own swatches
Once you have finished with your colour selections, in the Google menu click Extensions > Payable Sheets > Setup > Sync Theme

How Will My Invoice Look?
Now that you know how to personalize your Payable invoice, here's an example of how these items look on an invoice -

How the Payable Sheets receipt looks

Updated on: 20/10/2022

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