Making a Paid Event Registration Form
In this example we go through the steps for setting up a paid event registration.

In this video we go over an example of how to make a customizable and professional looking Event Registration Form that can accept payments in about 10 minutes. We use Google Forms and the Payable Forms Add-On.

To try out the Sample Event Form Click Here:

Content Covered in this Video

0:00 - Introduction to creating an Event Registration Form form with Google Forms.
0:48 - Setting up your Google Form Title, Description, Theme, and Questions.
4:40 - Customizing the Form Theme.
5:10 - Installing the Payable Forms Add-On from the Google Workspace Marketplace.
7:07 - The Customized Google Sheet: This is where your form responses will go automatically. Payable Forms adds some extra columns to automatically keep track of payment status and the generated Payable ID.
8:14 - Syncing the Theme: This process automatically takes your Title, Description, Colors, and Header Image, and syncs it with the Payable Secure checkout. This allows your users to see a consistent look and feel as the migrate from your Google Form to the secure checkout page which is hosted by Payable.
9:04 - Connecting a Payment Provider: In order to accept payments you will need to hook up your payment provider of choice. In this video we show how to connect a PayPal account to your Payable Form.
10:15 - Functional Demo: Making a Test Transaction to see what your users would see while experiencing the secure checkout and taking a look at how the connected Google Sheet automatically updates.
13:50 - Advanced Configurations: Adding Taxes and Handling Charges.
16:26 - Going live: We walk through the steps for turning off "Test Mode" when you are ready to move real money.
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