Getting Started with Payable Google Forms
So you want to create a Google Form that also accepts payments? Awesome! You have come to the right place.

Let's Make sure you have the basics ready!
Head on over to and if you do not have a Google Account, click the "Create account" button to get setup.
Click here to get the Payable Forms Add-On from the Google Workspace Marketplace. Select the "Install." For most cases, "Individual Install" will work fine. If you are an administrator and you want to install this application for the entire domain you manage, you can use the "Domain Install" instead.
Once the Add-On is installed, go back to a Google Form in Edit Mode and refresh the page. Look for the puzzle piece in the title bar to appear, and select it. You should see the Payable Forms Option. Select "Make this form Payable".

Payable Forms Add-On

Setting up your Google Form for Payments

Follow the steps in the dialog window and the Getting Started guide. We have a detailed video below that walks through these steps.

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